Is It Okay To Wash Wooden Comb?

It is important for a person to understand the importance of hair health and its own suitable products and tools for maintaining your hair. Wooden hair is a great thing for boosting hair health and preventing hair breakage. Naturally made wooden neem comb is a perfect way to improve scalp health.

Cleaning hair is an important step to perform to maintain the health of the hair. Let us look into the guide if it is okay to wash a wooden comb or not for keeping up with a clean scalp.

How to wash a wooden comb?

Giving a proper wash to the comb is important, and if you are concerning regarding it, you are surely going good. There are simple tips that you can consider to keep in mind to wash a wooden comb and maintaining them in a good position.

wooden comb

  • It is better to understand the fact that wood will not react to water; however, it may swell in case you keep it for longer into water. It is suggested not to submerge the comb into the water for more than three minutes while cleaning the comb.
  • The easiest method to clean a wooden comb is to let it stay in warm water for a while and mix with mild soap or detergent. Once it is soaked for two to three minutes, consider to wipe dirt and debris on the comb, clean it all with a piece of cloth thoroughly. When you are satisfied with the cleaning, now choose to add oil evenly to all over the comb.
  • You can also use oil for cleaning the wooden comb; for that, you will need to dip a clean piece of cloth into natural oil. It would be helpful in removing the debris from the comb and improving the shine of the wooden comb. Once you have cleaned debris, consider to leave the comb overnight so that it can easily soak up the oil overnight.

Lastly, we can conclude to the aspect it is perfect for giving a good wash to your wooden comb. You can select between different ways to clean a wooden hair brush and maintain the good health of the hair. Ensure that you are choosing to clean your wooden hair comb and other combs to protect hair from the debris, oil, and other impurities that can lead to hair breakage. You can surely follow up on the details mentioned above that can help with proper cleaning of the combs for maintaining good health of hair.