A true artist doesn’t perform because they want to be adored by fans or to become famous. They perform because they have something urgent and personal they need to say. A performer must perform just as they breathe. And they keep on doing it despite the loneliness, despite the poverty, despite the constant rejection and despite the sister, friend or father who shouts out "you fool, why don't you get a real job!". A performer performs simply because they must, and that is that.

Gary Albert Hughes, Performers Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Gary and I help performing artists become free from anxiety, self-judgement and criticism so they can do what they love, love doing it and to shine when and where it matters.

The secret to becoming a great artist is not to be found in learning more and more techniques, methods or approaches. The secret to becoming a phenomenal artist lies in the psychological, emotional and internal healing and growth work I teach to people just like you. So…

You’re a singer. An actor. A dancer.

And your job is to educate, inspire, uplift and heal your audiences through the power of your performance! Isn’t it? You may not have thought of this as your role before now, but this really is what you’re supposed to be doing.

But the health of your mind, body and your career depends on feeling good enough, worthy, self-loving and CONFIDENT. It’s not enough to just be great at what you do - you NEED to believe in yourself.

And not just sometimes - ALL THE TIME. In auditions. Before you walk on stage. While you’re on stage. When you step off the stage. And in your day to day life…

Without that unshakeable confidence, unwavering self-belief and an unfaltering sense that you are GOOD ENOUGH you and your career are in trouble.

GOOD NEWS! I can help...

Drama schools and artist development training today don’t focus on any of this (the most important stuff!) 

In fact they often make you feel WORSE! 

Sound familiar?

Diplomas in 'Not Feeling Good Enough' are being awarded at Drama Schools EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They are great at teaching you how to be an great performer, but they’re hopeless when it comes to showing you how to feel confident, self-loving, self-appreciating and that you DESERVE to be on stage, to land the roles you want and even receive compliments.

The fact is that there’s a huge difference between being great at what you do and BELIEVING in yourself, feeling good enough and feeling worthy.

The Balanced Performer is where you need to be.

I coach my clients in a powerful, transformational way that gets rapid results. And I give you all the tools and support you need to take action and create remarkable transformations in your life and career.

It’s no coincidence that within just 8 weeks my clients are free from anxiety, self-judgement and fear. They are landing better jobs, getting more gigs, earning more money from what they love AND starting to like themselves in ways they've never felt before. My unique process just works.

So there we have it...

Welcome to The Balanced Performer. Go to The Results page and meet some of the wonderful performers I’ve worked with and hear their remarkable stories of transformation - you might even shed a tear.

And when you’re ready, click below to book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me. One the call we'll talk about where you've been, where you are and where you want to be, and I'll help you gain clarity on how to get you there and end your emotional and physical suffering so you can step into your power, claim back your dream of stepping on stage and shining like the star you KNOW you are!

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