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 Manifest a voice, career & life you love.

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Hi. I’m Gary, aka The Singer’s Alchemist.

Now, I don’t know why you became a singer.

But I know you didn’t become a singer to constantly tell yourself “I’m not good enough”, to be always criticising & judging yourself or to compare yourself to others.

I also know that you didn’t become a singer to leave that audition, stage or recording session beating yourself up about all the things that weren’t perfect and to always be saying to yourself “I know I can do better!”

It’s not fair that you are in the business of impacting your listeners in a powerful way, entertaining them, uplifting and even inspiring them when you end up getting the train home feeling anything but empowered, uplifted or inspired.

Well, my mission is to help as many singers as possible, just like you, to be more confident, overcome anxiety, low self-esteem and to feel fabulous so you can get the roles, gigs and opportunities you know you deserve and create a voice, career and life you love, all within just 12 weeks.

This means that you will live your life knowing that you did make the right choice to follow your dream and become a singer, you haven’t wasted time and money pursuing a pipe dream, and that you can be proud of your life and what you are doing with it.

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Before working with Gary I hadn’t auditioned for 2 years because I was so anxious about singing. After going through his special Singing Alchemy process I’ve been cast in my dream role in the West End!
— Molly May Gardiner - Singer, Dancer Actress

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It is a tool being designed and created right now that you will use everyday to help you in your quest to manifest the voice, career and life you love. Full of self-development, emotional exploration and spiritual growth exercises, it is a place for you to track and plan your vocal progress, create visions and dreams for your singing future