Psychogenic Dysphonia
(voice loss after traumatic experience)

CLIENTs voice RETURNS AFTER 2 YEARS & in 1 x hypnosis session 

  • Client was diagnosed in 2015 with Psychogenic Dysphonia after a traumatic car accident. Since then she has only been able to speak in a barely audible whisper (recording below).

  • Client reports having zero tone in her voice for the 2 previous years with just a hoarse whisper.

  • Diagnosis reports "volume range extremely limited, with no voicing, relying on frication amplitude only. Palpation revealed significant crepitus, bulking of the sternocleidomastoid muscles and bulking of the floor of mouth. Voice handicap scored very high at 99/120 and reflux symptom scored 26/45. Client presented with psychogenic dysphonia likely as a result of internalised protective response following car accident".

  • Client attempted vocal exercises and various physical therapy with no positive outcome. She was told there's not much more to do but wait it out. Was told her "voice might come back or not". That was in 2015.

I met the client randomly out and about and got talking about her voice. I told her I was a vocal coach, natural medicine practitioner and hypnotherapist and that I would like to help her get her voice back. The result was that we did so very rapidly. Client is doing extremely well and her voice is becoming clearer and clearer everyday and reports other profound transformational results in her personal life too.

This was how CLIENT spoke for 2 years previous.





Client had 1 session of hypnosis with me.

We did a deep therapeutic dive into the emotional under pinning root causes of the voice loss. Under hypnosis her voice came back during an intense and powerful emotional release.

We went back to a scene of a traumatic car accident after which the client lost her voice. Watching the scene back on “a screen” in her imagination we could pause and explore. I had the client repeat these words “I can see things now I couldn’t see then. I can understand things now I couldn’t understand then. And I know things now I didn’t know then"“.

Instantly the client said “OH MY GOD. I know exactly why my voice left me! It’s because I am taking the blame AGAIN. This accident is not my fault but here I am accepting the blame just like I have for my whole life. Always taking the f******g blame and never speaking up”.

Using some powerful techniques we replayed the scene as it really was and not how she interpreted it and resolved the unresolved injustice of that situation.

Next we addressed the issue of “here I am taking the blame again just like I have my whole life”.

Under hypnosis I asked the client to speak out loud (still a hoarse whisper at this point) all the unsaid and unresolved emotional hurt she had experienced - this technique in therapy is called 'Dialoguing With The Abuser/Hurter' (it is only really effective in the hypnotic alpha or theta brain waves. It is not so effective in the 'awake' logical and analytical beta brain wave as the client often feels embarrassed or silly). I simply said to the client “say all the things you’ve never said”.

I asked her to imagine the person who had hurt her most stood some distance away from her in a safe setting where she was fully protected. And I asked to her to repeat these words “It’s time to reclaim my power. It’s time to say what I never did. This is MY moment”.

Client began to talk and during the emotional out pouring the clients full clear speaking voice began to emerge until, rather dramatically she was shouting in full voice as she said what she had not said for so long. Client did not recognise she was speaking in full, clear voice. I reported to her that she was speaking in a 'normal' voice. She could not hear it. She reported a strange feeling in her throat, chest, head and ears. In her words "as if electrical energy is buzzing and moving". She said "I can hear my own voice as if it is an echo from another room". As she came out of hypnosis she began to realise she was speaking and reacted emotionally in wonder, amazement and joy. I will continue to work therapeutically and emotionally with this client to process more underlying emotions and residues.

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