What Happens in a Session?

Heal IBS naturally
  • Upon arrival you will take your shoes off and be offered a glass of pure, clean, filtered water.
  • We will have a chat about why you are here and how I can help. You may be asked questions about your life style, eating habits, background, childhood, work, stress level, relationships etc You do not have to answer or talk about anything you are uncomfortable with at the time, but as much information as possible is helpful. 
  • You will lay on the table on your back fully clothed. Certain techniques may require you to change into shorts and of course you will be offered a private space to do so. What will follow is a series of 'muscle energy tests' around the body. I will test you against specialised nutrition, food sensitivities, stressors and various other stimuli.
  • Included in the treatment are the following; lymphatic massage, light pressure on neurovascular points around the face and head, holding and tapping various acupressure points over the body, tracing meridian lines, talking through emotions and stresses, herbal flower remedies on the tongue, specialised nutrition, talking about life styles changes and more. 
  • Your first session will last up to 90 minutes and follow ups are around 60 minutes.
  • The session will end with grounding techniques and a glass of water.
  • Supplements are charged separately and ordered on line at the end of the session.