The Freedom Program

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning and you smile to yourself because the first thing you think is "I'm me", and you actually LIKE being you instead of remembering everything you DON'T like about yourself...

As you get ready for your big audition or performance you feel EXCITED about showing 'em what you're made of rather than dreading getting it wrong and being in a panic...

After the audition or performance you make you way home and tell yourself what you LIKED about what you just did instead of ripping every micro-moment apart and feeling terrible about yourself...

How would that feel?

What would that mean to you?

I mean what would it REALLY mean to you...

To go from doubting, self-critical and judgemental to self-praising, loving and appreciating.

Would would THAT mean to you?

And what would you be able to DO if you had a deeper connection to your creativity and self-expression as a performing artist?

How would you sing, act, dance or play?

Go there now. Go there and imagine your life being the best you possibly can. See it, feel it, hear it and experience it in your imagination. Just spend a minute relishing in that dream...

What if I told you it is ALL POSSIBLE?

If you can perceive it and conceive it then you can achieve it!

I help performers just like you to be free from the chronic condition I call "Not Good Enough-itis".

As a performer you've been rejected, criticised and made to feel not good enough SO MUCH in your life and career.

Drama school does it to you. Teachers do it to you. Family and friends do it to you. YOU DO IT TO YOU!

Well it stops right now!

On The Balanced Performer 6-week transformational program you will learn how to become your biggest cheer leader, your own self-praiser and your own best friend.

You will learn how to have a healthy relationship with criticism, how to grow from it and how to let the unhealthy side of it go.

You will learn how to like and love yourself every single day of your life so that you can get more jobs, land more roles, get more gigs and make money from what you love.

My clients are doing that RIGHT NOW. Meet Molly. After just 3 weeks of the program she said:

If you have any issues or doubts with your performing and you want to unleash the talent you know you have deep inside... then Gary is your man. During the program not only has my voice completely changed and feels freer than ever before, I’ve been discharged from my speech therapist as all my voice issues have disappeared. My attitude to life and my career has improved tenfold. He truly is amazing, and now I am sure I can take over the world! Thank you Gary.”
— Molly - Singer, Dancer, Actress and all round amazing lady!

But How?!

I’ve developed a 6-step process called The Powerful Performers’ Pyramid. It begins at the foundations of what is required to be a confident, powerful, happy performer, and builds up from there putting every piece in place required to give all the self-belief you need. It looks like this…

The Powerful Performers’ Pyramid

The Powerful Performers’ Pyramid


Well, we go deep my friend. Very deep. I leave no stone un-turned. We get to the root of what is causing your problems and give you exactly what you need to release, transmute and reconcile whatever is holding you back.

You will learn how to use the power of your own mind so you can free yourself from the chains of your past, the things that have happened to you and the way they have affected you.

You will discover how to finally come out of the prison of your own limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and self-sabotaging behaviours so that you can change the course of your life and career and actually start to love what you do.

You will have all the tools you need to live the rest of your life this way and NEVER go back...

And the big benefit?

You get to finally live your purpose...


Do you want to find out if this could be the key you've been looking for?

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