Please enjoy, be inspired by and get excited about the following amazing results and stories from patients I've worked during 2016. I update new testimonials every year to make sure they don't get old and irrelevant. The following is just a small handful of the wonderful things that are possible when we really start to delve deeply into the root causes of physical and emotional health conditions. You'll see that it's possible to address anything from the physical to the emotional and subconscious. I always say I am not a therapist or a practitioner... I am your Health Coach. I am here to support and guide anyone who wants to start the journey of deep physical and emotional healing, naturally. Amazing things are possible as you'll discover in the following words...

 Claire Anstey, TV Presenter, Speaker and Founder of Game Changer Casting
Gary’s work is so powerful. In just two sessions we got to the root cause of my difficult relationship with food - we processed and released various belief systems I had about my body and self worth. I have since lost weight without difficult to follow diet fads and my digestive system is better than ever. For the first time in years the bloating and ache in my stomach has disappeared. My abdomen has completely changed shape which is incredible. My confidence has also grown and I feel so more worthy of the career I am paving for myself. I can’t imagine not having these sessions in my life now - Gary is my new secret weapon.
— Claire Anstey, TV Presenter, Public Speaker and Founder of Game Changer Casting
“I felt a dramatic difference even after the first session. I woke up the next day feeling totally
different. Since the second session, I’ve
had barely any issues with stress, anxiety or jaw tension. I’ve noticed it mostly around stressful periods like auditions or in the run up to opening
night. Working with Gary had not only had a physical impact, but a deep emotional one too.”
— Jodie Jacobs, West End Leading Actress
 Jodie Jacobs, West End Leading Actress

Stephen Morallee
Video Testimonial

Listen to these lovely words by Artist and Performer Stephen who has been coming to me for Vocal Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Energy Medicine.


Sally Garozzo
Video Testimonial

Here are some amazing words from singer and vocal coach Sally after our session together on anxiety.

As soon as I met Gary I knew I was in good hands when he met me with a friendly, warm welcome which put me at ease straight away. However, I was skeptical of natural medicine, but having tried everything else, this was my last hope. I have suffered from migraines most of my life, and the longest I have managed to go without a migraine or severe headache is a few days to a week. Since seeing Gary a year ago, I haven’t had a single migraine - I honestly can’t believe it.
— Louise Andrèe Douglas, Dancer
 Louise Andree Douglas
“I went to see Gary on the recommendation of another amazing kinesiologist as I was struggling with a low functioning thyroid and the doctors wanted me to go on medication to combat all the horrible symptoms that come with that. As a 24 year old I wasn’t prepared to start taking medication that I would have to stay on for the rest of my life and having seen family members deal with various side effects I wanted to try a different approach. After seeing Gary (and with the help of nutrition and diet changes based on his recommendation) my blood test results changed dramatically and the doctor is no longer recommending medication. Gary also helped with hormonal problems which were making my periods last for 2 weeks and an array of other horrible symptoms. One session focusing on this and I was back to normal. Gary is amazing and has helped me beyond belief! Highly recommend!”
— Phoebe Tomlin Anda, Psychology Student
I arrived at the session feeling emotional, stressed and tense and within 15 minutes I was calm and at peace. Gary’s gentle but thorough approach, his expert knowledge and intuitive healing is just magical. I always feel in safe hands and come away feeling like a new person. Highly recommend.
— Hannah Allen, Transformational Coach
 Sophie Gibbs, Actress
I came to kinesiology as I was exhausted both physically and emotionally. I was suffering from alot of stress and tension disrupting many areas of my life. In just one month Gary’s support and practice has helped me with many improvements. Most noticeable is the continuous hip pain I was experiencing has disappeared, my sleep has massively improved as well as my overall health, happiness and energy. I look forward to continued improvements as I invest in my health and well being with Gary.
— Sophie Gibbs, Singer/Actress
Gary, you are a magical being from another world. My body learns new things about itself every time I see you. Even more so I find myself answering your questions in a more genuine and sincere way than I normally would and this helps me to get to know myself on a deeply emotional level. There is surely no greater gift than to help someone to be themselves. Indeed you have the perfect balance of compassion, intuition, efficiency and enthusiasm and I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. You are amazing.
— Caz Coronel, International DJ
 Kate Beecroft, Actress
 Caz Coronel, International DJ
I went to Gary after MANY doctors to help me with a stomach issue I’ve had for a year. Going to Gary has changed my life! I felt like there was no hope in getting better but after two session with Gary all my IBS symptoms disappeared. I feel free to live my life now. His practice is very personal and genuine - trust me you won’t regret going to him.
— Kate Beecroft, Actress