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I have always loved to sing, but as a professional dancer the thought of opening my mouth in public absolutely terrified me. I had so many techniques in the bag for handling and covering up my nerves when I was dancing and knew exactly how to make sure that the audience had no idea how I was feeling, no matter how nervous I actually felt. When it came to my voice, I had no idea where to start - and no idea what would come out when I opened my mouth! Gary literally helped me find my voice both physically and emotionally. With his special process I am now happy to get up and sing anytime and anywhere. I know exactly what is going to come out when I open my mouth and that it will be fabulous. Through freeing my voice, I have also unlocked a freedom in my personal life which I never thought possible. I am now more happy, confident and ‘me’ than I have ever felt. And when someone asks me if I am a singer- I proudly say ‘YES!’
— Amy Drew, Singer/Actress/Dancer

The program approaches singing from a totally holistic perspective. The results have been twice as strong in half the time! My voice feels freer and stronger, but most importantly I REALLY love singing again. It’s certainly a unique and different way of working, and I think it’s how performers should work/
— Tom Keeling, Singer/Actor

If you have any issues or doubts with your singing and you want to unleash the voice you know you have deep inside then Gary is your man.

During the program not only has my voice completely changed and feels freer than ever before, my attitude to life and my career has improved ten folds. He truly is amazing, and now I am sure I can take over the world! Thank you Gary!
— Molly, Singer/Actress/Dancer

“I felt a dramatic difference even after the first session. I woke up the next day feeling totally
different. Since the second session, I’ve
had barely any issues with stress, anxiety or jaw tension. I’ve noticed it mostly around stressful periods like auditions or in the run up to opening
night. Working with Gary had not only had a physical impact, but a deep emotional one too.”
— Jodie Jacobs, West End Leading Actress
Jodie Jacobs, West End Leading Actress

“I used to second guess myself all the time. Gary has a brilliant and totally original way of working which has given me the voice and confidence I’ve always wanted. This is a totally new way of working and takes you to a whole new level. I’d been trying to get into drama school for years with no luck but after working with Gary I got accepted instantly. I couldn’t believe the voice that I started singing in after working him. This is just amazing!”
— Cyrus Barghchi, Singer/Actor

This is the most profound work I’ve ever experienced.
— Claire Anstey, TV Presenter, Public Speaker and Founder of Game Changer Casting
Claire Anstey, TV Presenter, Speaker and Founder of Game Changer Casting


Stephen Morallee


Sally Garozzo


Gary, you are a magical being from another world. My body learns new things about itself every time I see you. Even more so I find myself answering your questions in a more genuine and sincere way than I normally would and this helps me to get to know myself on a deeply emotional level. There is surely no greater gift than to help someone to be themselves. Indeed you have the perfect balance of compassion, intuition, efficiency and enthusiasm and I couldn’t recommend you highly enough. You are amazing.
— Caz Coronel, International DJ
Caz Coronel, International DJ