How To Succeed In Every Audition No Matter The Result

What Is Audition Success Anyway?


Auditioning is the weekly work of a performer. It is what you do most of, but it is what you feel worst about. It should not be this way. I want to help you re-frame the way you feel about auditions to help you feel that no matter the outcome, you always win in any audition situation.

Whether you are a singer, actor, dancer or musician the following applies you in equal measure…

First of all let’s get clear on what audition success is. Audition success is not getting the job. That’s just called ‘getting the job’, pure and simple. It’s a great thing, we all love it and it should absolutely be celebrated to the max! But getting the job is not audition success.

Audition success is when you leave that casting room, no matter what the outcome, with a smile on your face, a skip in your step and joy in your heart, knowing that you nailed it. Oh and nailing doesn’t always mean getting the job… you know that!

Let’s just say that you do ten auditions. Of those ten auditions you get cast in one or two of them. Great, amazing, you jump for joy. But for the nine or eight others you feel rejected, not good enough, you start comparing yourself, plagued by thoughts of “what did I do wrong?! what’s the matter with me?!”. And let’s not even talk about constantly getting down to the finals and then being told “sorry, well done, but no”.

Sounds like a life of misery to me. But I know that this is the reality for a very high number of you reading this article. I hear it all the time from clients who sit in my Hypnotherapy recliner; the lamenting and bemoaning of “I almost had it, and it was ripped away at the last minute”. And for most of you it is a devastating feeling. But when a client works with me, I show them the way to psychological and emotional freedom so you can be fulfilled and happy after every audition, if you want it…

“So what is this path to freedom?!” I hear you cry…

How To Always Succeed In Auditions, No Matter If You Get The Job Or Not

I am going to teach you a concept that will shake up the way you think about auditioning, performing work and even your life as a whole. Read these following words carefully and accept them and integrate them into your life:

Create A Higher Purpose


Very few performers out there today are connected with a higher purpose or a deeper reason behind their singing, acting, dancing or playing.

What you must realise is that you are not just a performer but a healer. You may have never thought of your role as a performer as being a healer before, but that is ultimately what you are. Your job is the educate, uplift, inspire and heal audiences through the power of your performance.

When you are auditioning, if your focus is on the following then you do not have a higher purpose:

  • remembering lines/lyrics/music

  • trying not to feel nervous or self-conscious

  • doing what you think the casting director wants

  • thinking about everything except what your purpose is

Remember the lyrics to the Avenue Q song ‘Purpose’?

“Purpose, it’s that little flame that lights a fire under your ass.
Purpose, it keeps you going strong like a car with a full tank of gas”

And it couldn’t be more true.

When you have a purpose, you have confidence, energy, focus, drive and passion.

When you have a purpose you have conviction, courage, bravery and daring.

When you have a purpose you inspire, you uplift, you connect.

Aren’t they all the qualities you want to bring to your auditions?

So have a deep think and meditate on these questions:

  1. How do I want my audience (the casting panel) to change or transform through watching me perform this song/piece/dance/monologue?

    2. How do I want myself to change and transform through performing this?

    3. How do I want the world to change through performing this?

And if you think they seem like big questions, or even if you think they seem like strange questions to be asking, let explain…

When you perform you are bringing people together in small communities to feel something, to learn something to experience something. Whether your role is to make them laugh, cry or both, or whatever, you are taking them through an experience that intends to transform them in some way… YOU SHOULD BE BRINGING THIS ESSENCE TO YOUR AUDITIONS. This is where your focus should be! Forget that you are in a little room with a row of four people sat in front of you. Ignite yours and theirs inner worlds, and have that intention to take them on a journey that will change them in some way.

It is your job to get creative and work out the why, the what and the how of it. And if you want coaching on that, by all means feel free to contact me.

Let me give you an example. My client, Dan was struggling with feeling like he was nailing auditions. He had a big one coming up for a big London musical. He was to sing a big romantic ballad and he was doing the usual; worrying about the high note, learning the lyrics, going over the melody and quite frankly just worrying that he wasn’t quite right or the part. All his focus was in the wrong direction.

So, he came to work with me and we got him connected to his higher purpose for this song and this audition. One year previous to working with me he had overcome heartbreak after separating from his girlfriend. So we figured out his higher purpose for this love song was going to be to help anyone else witnessing his singing to overcome their heartbreak. Nice huh?! What a purpose.

Now, this isn’t something the audiences knows. It is and essence, an energy, a vibe that you bring to your performance. But it very powerful. So he went into the audition with that sole intention. And the result was that he was so connected to his higher purpose, emotion and truth that one of the casting panel cried and the others were in awe.

He didn’t get the role as they decided on a different physical appearance. But Dan felt AWESOME that he has impacted the casting panel that way. He felt great that he was just living his truth and his passion and he PERFORMED. And he really learned something powerful.

Consequently, the casting director asked him multiple times to come in for other auditions because they were so impressed, and finally cast him in the perfect role for him.

So that is the power of knowing your higher purpose. I’ve devised a special process that I take my clients through that teaches you to find your higher purpose in any moment. If you would like to talk to me about this just pop your name and email in the box and I’ll email you instantly with a link to book a time on my calendar to jump on the phone absolutely free!