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I am looking for a professional, friendly, talented and organised Assistant to help me organise and grow my business as a therapist and coach.

What I do:

  • natural medicine practitioner
  • hypnotherapist
  • voice coach
  • create online course videos and recordings
  • create guided audios


About you:

Personal qualities are as important to me as technical ones. Some of the personal qualities I want in an assistant are

  • loyalty
  • honesty
  • friendless
  • good communicator
  • desire to learn and grow alongside me

You will get all that back from me in return. It is my hope that you will grow with me as my business grows, both personally, professionally and financially.

Up to now I have done everything myself and as my business grows I am ready to hand some of the work and responsibility over to somebody I fully trust.

HOURSL could be anywhere from 4 hours a day - full time. We need to see how it goes over the 1st few weeks. Probably full time.

Some of the technical aspects I am looking for are:

  • online course management; customer service, uploading, behind the scenes maintenance: I am using software called Kartra which is an all in one tool with email marketing, landing pages, products, payments and course hosting
  • setting up and selling the online products I create: guided hypnosis mp3. I would like to sell them on Amazon and iTunes, and create lead magnets to get people signing up for free stuff then on to paid...
  • proactive in recognising opportunities to improve operations, adopt new systems etc
  • manage payments from clients
  • email management, client response, booking appointments
  • managing automated email via mail chimp
  • following up with clients/customers; sending catch ups, thank you, reminders etc
  • answering occasional phone calls
  • calendar management
  • file management; editing, creating, filing (using DropBox or Google Drive)
  • database building and management
  • research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters, interviews etc
  • managing and outsourcing other work to people (if you can’t do it); graphic design, audio, video editing, logos etc
  • social media management and growth; posts, interactions, blog posting etc
  • blog management; editing, posting, publishing comments etc
  • profile management; researching and finding me new opportunities and bookings to write for other magazines, blogs and talk on radio and TV etc
  • general promotion and growth of me and my brand


Start: $3.50 per hour.

Raise to: $4.50 per hour

Bonuses and commission options - to be discussed.

Please contact me using the form below with why you think you would be suitable for this role and what you could bring.



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