I am thrilled to invite you to my collection of guided hypnosis tracks designed to help you feel the best you possibly can.

This collection is constantly growing so keep coming to check! 

If there is something you want that isn't here, please contact me to request a bespoke recording and I'll help where I can.

Spring Clean Your Subconscious & Become Bestie With Your Brain

In this work shop you will lear:

  • The rules of your mind
  • How to collaborate with your mind
  • How to become your own best friend

With a 1 hour 40 minute presentation and a 25 minute guided hypnosis session you could get these results:

  • Greater happiness

  • Peace and contentment

  • Freedom to choose how you feel

  • Attract more of what you DO want and less of what you DON’T want

  • Freedom from emotional suffering

  • Freedom from physical suffering

  • Sense of control in your own life

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Afternoon Boost

Refresh and revitalise quickly half way through your day with this powerful meditation.

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Evening Meditation

End your day in gratitude and self love.

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A powerful guided hypnosis track to free your voice and build your confidence.

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Nerve Buster
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