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If you have decided that your passion and purpose is to perform on stage, but you’re in a position where you can’t do that to the best of your ability, then I’m sure I can help you.

Life as a performer can seem hard, challenging and difficult, I know. The feeling of rejection, comparing yourself to others and not feeling good enough. Not to mention the financial instability and the peaks and troughs of opportunities and work. All this can take it’s toll on your emotional and even physical well being.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Let me tell you something - I totally understand you - I have had a 18-year career as a classical musician and musical theatre performer. My first professional performance was aged 17 at The Purcell Rooms on London’s Southbank. And since then I’ve toured internationally, performed leading roles in musicals and operas, recorded in the studio with award winning composers and bands. And I’ve discovered a joyful, confident and celebratory way to do all those things using the power of my own mind, imagination and emotions. And you can too.

If you’re ready to just go for it and change your life now, then just click here and send me a message, and let’s talk.

But on with the story. In my 20s I got severe stage fright. I couldn’t even think about stepping on stage without breaking into pure, utter, deep panic. It was devastating. The career I loved with all my heart was over… or so it seemed.

After 3-months of pure pain and suffering I finally discovered hypnotherapy. It cured me of stage fright in a single one hour session. My mind was blown. I went on to perform at the Royal Albert Hall, once singing solo with Brian May and Kerry Ellis, and the other time along side Judi Dench for Stephen Sondheim’s 80th Birthday Prom. I played a leading role in a primetime E4 musical series and I starred on BBC1’s Altogether Now singing in front of millions of viewers. I did all this with confidence and ease and I had fun. No anxiety, no stage fright, no feeling of not being good enough.

Did I still have negative, critical, judgemental thoughts come up and appear? OF COURSE! Let’s be realistic. You can’t really stop them, in all honesty (and anyone who says you can is either misguided or lying). But the difference is, they are not the driving force of my experience. I hold the steering wheel now and those voices are in the backseat where they belong. And I learn from them, and grow from them and they teach me. You can learn how to allow confident, self-loving, self-appreciating thoughts to become the driving force of your life too.

So, who am I?!

Gary Albert Hughes, Performers Transformational Coach

Hi, I’m Gary, The Performer’s Hypnotherapist. I will help you to become free from anxiety, self-judgement and criticism so you can do what you love, love doing it and shine when and where it matters. When you work with me I will help you to feel fabulous about yourself so you can go out there and get the roles, gigs and opportunities that you really want and deserve. I will help you to be proud of your life and teach you to use it to make great changes in the world through the power of your performance…

The secret to becoming a great artist is not to be found in learning more and more singing, acting, dancing or playing technique, method or approaches. The secret to becoming a phenomenal artist lies in the psychological, emotional and internal healing and growth that I support performers just like you to do.

You’re a singer. An actor. A dancer or Musician.

And your job is to educate, inspire, uplift and heal your audiences through the power of your performance! Isn’t it? You may not have thought of this as your role before now, but this really is what you’re supposed to be doing.

But the health of your mind, body and your career depends on feeling good enough, worthy, self-loving and CONFIDENT. It’s not enough to just be great at what you do - you NEED to believe in yourself.

And not just sometimes - ALL THE TIME. In auditions. Before you walk on stage. While you’re on stage. When you step off the stage. And in your day to day life…

Without that deep sense of profound confidence, self-belief and a sense that you are GOOD ENOUGH, you and your career may be in trouble.

GOOD NEWS! I can help...

Drama schools, conservatoires and artist development training today don’t really focus on any of this (the most important stuff in my opinion).

In fact they can often make you feel WORSE!

Sound familiar?

Diplomas in 'Not Feeling Good Enough' are being awarded at training centres EVERY SINGLE DAY.

They are wonderful at teaching you how to be an great singers, actor, dancer or musician. But they’re pretty hopeless when it comes to showing you how to feel confident, self-loving, self-appreciating and that you DESERVE to be on stage, to land the roles you want and even receive compliments.

The fact is that there’s a huge difference between being great at what you do and BELIEVING in yourself, feeling good enough and feeling worthy.

The Balanced Performer is where you need to be.

I coach my clients in a powerful, transformational way that gets rapid results. And I give you all the tools and support you need to take action and create remarkable transformations in your life and career.

It’s no coincidence that sometimes within just one single session my clients feel freer, more confident, more powerful and like they can really go for those opportunities, roles and gigs that they KNOW they deserve. Within 4-6 weeks some of them are landing better jobs, getting more gigs, earning more money from what they love AND starting to like themselves in ways they've never felt before.

My unique process just works.

So there we have it...

Welcome to The Balanced Performer. Go to The Results page and meet some of the wonderful performers I’ve worked with and hear their remarkable stories of transformation - you might even shed a tear (I often do!)

And when you’re ready, use my calendar below to book a complimentary Breakthrough Call with me. On the call we'll talk about where you've been, where you are and where you want to be, and I'll help you gain clarity on how to get you there and end your emotional and physical suffering so you can step into your power, claim back your dream of stepping on stage and shining like the star you KNOW you are!