Weight Gain

Lucy came to the clinic concerned with weight gain. Over the previous two years the amount of weight she has gained has made her unhappy and confused. She generally has a healthy diet and is used to being physically active. She has tried juice fasts, diets, pills, herbs, potions, lotions and ointments all to no avail.

This is not Lucy, this is just a random frustrated person.

This is not Lucy, this is just a random frustrated person.

So, we begin the Kinesiological detective work to find out the ROOT CAUSE of the weight gain. Maybe it's food related, maybe not. Perhaps it hormonal, perhaps not. Could it be stress? How could we possibly know without a fool proof way of asking the body...

We start studying Lucy's Endocrine system. The Endocrine System is the mother system for the the health and function of the whole body - it even beats the Immune System in it's importance. It's a desperate shame that the Endocrine system is often overlooked or the last port of call!

We discover, through the amazing language of muscle testing, that Lucy's Pineal Gland, Pituitary Gland and Adrenal Glands are imbalanced. Muscle testing also helps us decipher that one of the tools the glands need to get back to optimum function is specific Omega Oils. However, I am not happy with just this result and I'm not convinced that this is the root cause. So we have a little conversation:

ME: when did you start gaining weight?
LUCY: around 2 years ago
ME: and can you tell me what was happening in your life 2 years ago?
LUCY: hmmm, well I was very unhappy in a work situation and I also had a series of 4 traumatic accidents in a short space of time which resulted in some serious physical damage.

... after a moment of putting the dots together...

ME: what would you say if I suggested that your body's way of trying to protect itself from further physical and emotional trauma was to pad you out with the weight?

We hit a nerve and Lucy gets extremely emotional as she resonates with this information. It is common for heightened emotions on the therapy table when we hit an emotional truth and it is completely normal to cry/laugh/shake or whatever the body chooses to use as it's emotional release. My clients are always safe, cared for and completely nurtured. 

We continue and find some powerful herbal remedies to ease the emotions of shock, guilt, confusion and trauma surrounding the accidents. Bach flower remedy's are very powerful in these circumstances. We also use a powerful emotional stress release technique to release and let go of the physical and emotional trauma, and work on realising and letting go of the body's need to protect itself. One of these techniques uses an eye rotation exercise as the client says a phrase like "I release and let got all trauma surrounding my accidents". In Lucy's case I noticed she had particular difficulty in keeping her eye line focussed in the upper left diagonal position. Her eyes flickered and blinked and her voice cut out and she forgot what she was saying, which is very common. I asked her what upper/left meant to her and she immediately remembered that it was the back upper left where a man pushed into her and sent her tumbling down the escalator on the tube! She remembers trying to grasp in panic behind over her left shoulder for something to hold onto... This is what I love about Systematic Kinesiology - we are like detectives looking for the clues and putting the dots together. We continue this amazing technique to work the trauma out of this area of her sub-conscious. 

The Amygdala Gland

The Amygdala Gland

What happened in Lucy's case is that this series of traumatic accidents kick started the flight or fight response in the Adrenal Glands and the rest of the Endocrine system. Her body and mind are now subconsciously consistently scanning for the next physical threat which sends her Amygdala Gland and Adrenal Glands into overdrive. This imbalance in the Endocrine system cause a whole mix up of chemicals, and one of the symptoms of this is to gain weight... It's a physical and emotional protective barrier from the world. We have now started the journey to realisation and release, and I'm excited to see what happens in Lucy's case.

I express deep gratitude and thanks to Lucy for allowing me to share her story. It's important to share these experiences to show that there is no 'one answer that fits all.' If you are over weight and unhappy about it, although eating healthily and exercising are ESSENTIAL, it might not be enough!! It may be that the underlying root cause has nothing to do with food and exercise, and until it is addressed it will be difficult to relieve the symptoms you are experiencing. Sometimes trauma can be so shocking to the system that the body needs assistance to realise and release it.

I hope you enjoyed this read and am interested in your comments.

Love Gary x