The Therapist Code

I believe my client knows themselves, or has the potential to know themselves, better than their therapist
All of my clients’ thoughts and feelings are welcome
My job is not to heal my clients, but to help them to heal themselves
I believe my clients can heal when they contribute to their growth what is sufficient and necessary
No matter how self destructive or harmful my client has been I see that behind their protective layers is a vulnerable, loving, good person
I am open to feedback from my clients. I look closely at my own internal world and will take accountability for my own stuff
I am confident I can help my clients heal their wounds without overwhelming them or making their struggle worse
I let go of expectations without giving up hope. I have great hope
I will do my best to sit with any suffering my client shares
I believe my client already has all the answers, wisdom and capacity within themselves. My job is to help them access these resources