Why Talking Therapy Doesn't Always Work

Have you been through conventional therapy and still feeling like you are living with your issues?

Have you talked, talked and talked some more without  moving on or clearing what you went for in the first place?

Would you like to empower your life so you don't have to spend thousands of pounds over years and years and still never heal your life?

Many of my clients make the same comments when they come to me as a last resort...

"I've been in therapy ten years and still can't seem to move on" or "I've reached a dead end with my therapist and now I don't know where to turn".

Now for some people, traditional therapy is exactly what they need. Someone listening to you completely unbiased, non-judgemental and totally open can be the most refreshing thing in the world. But why do most of my clients come to me after years of therapy still in pain or suffering?

It has to do with the way your brain works.


In conventional talk therapy you will generally spend an hour in what is known as the beta-brain frequency. This is your logical thinking, analytical, piece of the puzzle fitting part of the brain that we are in for most of the waking day. It is the conversational bran frequency we need to be in to take in information, make judgements and respond to what is being said or asked of us. It is a very important brain frequency and we couldn't get around our day to day lives without it.


It is very unlikely that you can make any long lasting, deep and profound changes on a fundamental level in the beta brain frequency.


Because the "yeah but, no but, but what about..." part of your mind is too active. In the world of your mind, emotion and imagination will always win in a battle against logic and reason. In other words the way you feel always overrides what you think. It's just the way we are.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love psychotherapy, counselling, psychoanalysis etc They are compelling and eye opening experiences to go through. What they are absolutely expert at are understanding how and why you are the way you are; connecting dots, uncovering evidence, stringing the past together into some comprehensible form of time line to figure out why we got to where we are at... I'm a huge fan of any body of work that gets you to look internally for answers.


For some people, yes, of course it does, absolutely. I've had some amazing psychotherapy sessions myself as a client.

But for many people a deeper, more creative and holistic approach to their mind and body is required. Let me introduce you to...



In Hypnotherapy we utilise a state of brain know as alpha and theta frequency (as seen above).

ALPHA frequency is the world of imagination, creativity, day dream, calm and relaxation. It is light meditative state. Alpha states are those lovely moments when you're sat on a park bench with a wandering mind or when you almost miss your train stops as you think about your dream holiday, those moments you forget who or where you are. Those of you that drive will recognise the feeling of not remembering half of your journey. Say hello to alpha frequency!

THETA frequency is the world of deeper meditation, a feeling that your body is asleep but the mind is still awake. It is the period you spend just before you fall to sleep. That hazy, dreamy, dozy state that leads you into a deep state of DELTA frequency which is actual sleep. Theta is the brain wave you sometimes jump from suddenly as you are falling to sleep.

Now this is the thing. Deep, long lasting, powerful and profound change can happen in alpha and theta frequency, far more so than in beta. Alpha and theta are utilised by a hypnotherapist to get answers to questions that you have about your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Your subconscious mind is a store house of everything you've ever heard, seen, said, thought, felt and experienced in your whole life. It knows everything about everything and in the alpha and theta frequency your subconscious mind can give you profound insight into why you have a certain issue and what it is that you require to begin, clearing, transforming or transmuting it for a happier, healthier more vibrant existence.

One of my clients realised in theta frequency that the reason she continued to smoke 30 roll ups every night was so that she could avoid looking at people and engaging with them in a deeper more meaningful way. In hypnosis she was in a scene rolling a cigarette and with a start she said "Oh my god I know why I am doing this!". This was a revelation for somebody who has been smoking for 20 years and tried endlessly to stop. As soon as we knew why, we could break that neural pathway (more on that in a moment) and create a new one that made her indifferent to smoking. Is this possible in beta frequency? Very unlikely...


When you are in alpha or theta frequency you drop below what is known as the 'critical faculty'. The critical faculty is the part of you that questions everything based on your belief systems which are created by the experiences in your life, especially those up to the age of 12 years old. Your critical faculty is the "yes but, no but, but what about" bit I talked about earlier.

In alpha/theta you have very little capacity to use this part of the mind because you are in the part of mind where anything possible. You are after all in the world of dream and imagination.


Your brain and body can not tell the difference between what is imagined and what is real. Whether you have a real argument with a friend or an imagined one in your head (and we've all done that!) your body responds in the same physiological way. In other words the same adrenaline and chemicals are released in your body during an imagined argument and a real one! There are countless studies in the world of epigenetics and neuro-immunology that scientifically prove and validate this. Sports people and musicians who imagine practising can improve at the same rate as those that do the real physical practice. AMAZING HUH?!

This is because you create and destroy many neural pathways everyday (neural pathways are just connections in your brain which are the result of repeated thinking which result in patterns of behaviour based on your experiences).  In fact every single thought you have spark a new connection. So you best better start sparking off ones that are positive for your life! You have a set of neural pathways in your brain for everything in your life; love and relationships, money, self worth... 

Watch this AMAZING video or a real neural pathway  being created in the brain. This is what is happening every single second of your day.

In Hypnotherapy guess what we do...?

We go into the subconscious mind via the alpha and theta brain waves, dropping below the critical faculty (the ability to question) and interrupt the neural pathways that are causing you think, act and behave in destructive ways to yourself and others. We then create new neural pathways that result in more positive thinking and behaviours to enhance your life all round.

The results I see with my clients are phenomenal and really quick. A 70 year old man recently came to me presenting a very troubled relationship with his wife and a few days later sent me this email:

It has amazed me just how powerful the brain is and how it controls the body. I had the most pleasant evening in decades with my wife - it was just like the old times. Fantastic. My relationship with her had seemed to transform even the day of the session with Gary and the days that followed. I put it down to clearing out all the crap that I had stored in my subconscious and then the re-wiring process. I am an engineer and have been around, and worked with some of the finest of them all my life. The best way that I can explain how I feel is by saying it’s like I have been given a top of the range toolbox which has lots of top quality tools in it which allow me to now tackle any problem. I cannot thank you enough.
— Client UK

In as little as three sessions (sometimes less!) you can be free from debilitating anxiety, low self worth, lack of self belief, addictions, fears and phobias. Every single physiological and emotional action in your mind and body is governed by your brain. Doesn't it make sense to use your brain to change what you don't want anymore?! You are using it every single second of every single day anyway, so why not use it for the better.