12 Step Meditation Program



My name is Gary. I am the founder of The Balanced Performer. My passion is helping you attain physical, emotional and spiritual balance in your life.

I invite you to join me on a 12 Step Meditation Program that could have a deep and wonderful impact on your life. It has on mine and I want to share it with as many people as possible.

You may have tried meditation before, been meditating a long time or you may never have meditated. Whichever camp you fall into, these are comments I've heard across the board... 

"It's not for me, I find it hard to relax"

"I've tried, but I just can't empty my mind and I just get annoyed"

"I can't stop my thoughts tho"

"I just feel silly" 

Trust me, before I discovered this method of meditation I had all the same thoughts as you. However, this is different... I PROMISE. This is really something you are going to enjoy hugely and be able to stick to.

On this 12 Step Meditation Program you will learn that meditation actually has nothing whatsoever to do with emptying the mind or sitting up straight, cross legged with your index finger touching your thumb and focussing on your breath, or getting into a place of blissed out nothingness where you connect with all that is...! 

While these forms of meditation have their place and are effective for some people, they are difficult to perform, take a long time to master and can get frustrating, resulting in giving up. The revolutionary way of meditating that I want to introduce you to asks nothing of you except to just notice and allow.

Sounds easy right? 

That's because IT IS!

By sitting and simply watching the mind as it thinks and noticing the body sensations as they happen you start to allow yourself to release deep stress. Sometimes you will notice tingling sensations as energy moves through the body or the mind will run at 100 miles an hour. You may feel worries arise or a deep feeling of bliss and calm... the possibilities are endless.

But guess what? All of the above are fine. Neither of them are right or wrong. By just allowing, you let the body do what it needs to do to release stress in it's own way, not in the way you think it needs to.

All you have to do is log in and sit through one of 12 guided steps for 15 minutes a day on your earphones. And the results are truly wonderful. It has helped me in work, relationships, my home life and out and about in the world in general. Some of the benefits I've felt are


Improved physical and emotional health

reduced anxiety and worry

more rational thinking

more empathy with others

in tune with what is right and wrong for my life in each moment

improved choice making

greater confidence

deeper sense of well being and safety in my life

... just to mention a few! 

Now you're more than welcome to download the app yourself, go for it and do it on your own. I am sure it will be wonderful. However, if you're like me you may struggle to stay committed and see it through.

I believe we are stronger in groups, together, in unity and community.

This is why I decided to create online support groups...

... so you can take your first steps in this journey alongside others who are in the same position as you.

All you need to do is join the secret Facebook group, download the app and do each step everyday, then log your experience on the Facebook wall.

You will receive one email from me every day for 12 days with inspiration, guidance, information and support to help you through the process. In my experience doing it like this encourages you to keep going with it even when you're not feeling it, learn more, gain more satisfaction and connect with people all over the world doing it alongside you.

There is no physical class to attend. It is all online through your phone or tablet. The results I've had with groups doing it this way are astounding. I've had so many messages and emails of thanks and stories of how this meditation program has transformed peoples lives.

To be part of the group experience for the 12 days I just ask for a small on off payment of £10. This covers:

  • private access to the Facebook group where I respond to every single post as you log in about your experience. I give you detailed and intricate feedback every time you post, everyday, to help you in your journey

  • one detailed email from me very morning encouraging and reminding you to do your next step, providing inspiration, information and education based on peoples experiences the day before with detailed advice on how to move forward with your practice in day to day life

  • unlimited email access to me with any questions, worries or concerns you have about the practice - and I reply as fast as I can, usually with 4 hours. 

As I say, please go ahead and do it alone if that resonates with you - simply download an app called ONE GIANT MIND for free and get started. GOOD LUCK! :o)

BUT, if you love the idea of being a part of a community, sharing and inspiring online, being guided by me and supported by up to 50 other people around the world then fill out this form and follow the steps you receive in you inbox...

I really hope you can join me and take your first step on this exciting path.

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