You're Still A Miracle...

In my line of work I meet many people who are suffering and struggling with their physical and emotional health. Clients often come to holistic medicine as a last resort and mostly are at their wits end having tried every other method of healing. Because of this they are often at a point where they are feeling almost hopeless. Clients will often say something to the effect of "I've tried everything else, I don't even know what this is all about or even necessarily believe in it, I just have nowhere else to turn".

I want to share some simple but profound advice with you that may help support your healing journey. It is a powerful way to start inviting new ways of thinking and being. 

When we are sick it is so easy to focus on the story of...

"I am so sick"
"I am so hopeless"
"Why is my body letting me down"
"I can no longer do this, that or the other"
"Am I always going to be like this?"
"I am getting worse and worse"

Of course, it is understandable that one would get into this pattern of thinking and believing. After all, it is no illusion that you feel the way you do. But is this pattern of thinking and behaviour helping you in any way? I invite you to really ask yourself this question and sit in a moment of silence and wait for an answer. Do it now for just a minute...

"Is my pattern of thinking helping me heal?"

Did you get an answer? What came up for you?

Cutting edge studies in neuro-immunology has proven that negative thinking directly suppresses the immune system and positive thinking ignites the immune system. Those people with a healthy and positive self image tend to have stronger more robust immune systems. In Chinese medicine the thymus gland, located in the middle of the thoracic cage governs self esteem. It is also a gland that is heavily involved in the immune system function. no coincidence there then.

I invite you to sit in stillness for a few minutes everyday and start to connect with and notice all the ways in which your body is still working for you... so take a seat somewhere comfortable, take a nice deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth to calm the heart rate and nervous system and ask yourself the question...

"In which ways is my body a miracle in this moment? How is my body working for me right now?"

Sit and wait for your own answers to emerge. This is deeply personal. It may be difficult at first if you are connected to the story of your illness or condition. But just sit and wait and continue to ask. Some common answers that come up when I practice this with patients at my clinic are...

"My heart beat continues to beat and pump blood to all of my organs"
"My lungs continue to draw in life giving oxygen"
"My skin continues to protect my body"
"My eyes continue are still seeing the world around me"
"My continue to move and transport me to the places I need to get"

You may find that more and more answers come up as you meditate on this question. At first this may feel like an airy fairy new age exercise... but this is where the real practice comes in. As you notice each of the answers that come up you meditate on it for a few minutes. Allow yourself to explore each answer fully. For example if "my heart beat continues to beat and pump blood around my body" comes up for you really pause to explore this fully.

Feel your heart beating. Bring your hands to your chest and feel it. Notice the speed, the strength, the rhythm. You may find yourself smiling at the wonder of how this miracle muscle came to exist. You may find yourself begin to marvel at how evolution created this incredible contraption. As you notice the feeling of your heart beating, notice how your attention moves outward to the blood that it is pumping around the whole of the body. Marvel at how the force of the heart beat manages to get your blood to travel through out the entirety of the body. Then notice what the function of the blood and of the cells is. How they renew, feed, build, fix, cleanse, detox and transport. Feel the sense that this is happening right now in your body as you sit. You may start to feel the aliveness of this energy and the healing that is happening right now. Continue to just allow these thoughts and feelings to meander in their own way as you really start to notice the miracle of what is occurring in your body right now.

This is one example of something you might explore. Perhaps this is all you do in one sitting, or maybe you have time to move on to another aspect of you. The lungs, the brain, the stomach... the list really is endless.

As you invite this practice into your life you start to change the energetic body, but also the physical chemistry, the immune function and the way you view yourself and your life at large. Will it miraculously heal all your symptoms... who knows? Anything is possible! But what I know for sure is that it will start to invite in to your life new possibilities and new avenues for self healing and regeneration. Give it a go... what have you got to lose?