Do We Really Need Supplements?

The answer is a definite and resounding...


I'll get straight into the whys in the simplest of ways.

We can no longer get all the vitamins, minerals and nutraceuticals we need from food alone. Mass production and the use of pesticides along with environmental pollution has rendered our soil void of the minerals it was once so abundant in. The fact of the matter is that our food just doesn't contain the very substances we eat it for in the first place.

In days gone by we would use a technique called crop rotation - I am sure you learned about it at school - this ritual was performed in order to give certain parts of our land a break, enabling it naturally to replenish itself. Time is now too much of the essence - we need to produce as much as humanly possible to make as much money as we can! It's far more important obviously. 

...the official report of the Rio Earth Summit concluded “there is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world”. This statement was based on data showing that over the last 100 years, average mineral levels in agricultural soils had fallen worldwide – by 72 per cent in Europe, 76 per cent in Asia and 85 per cent in North America.
— Institute For Optimum Nutrition

Even on the healthiest, most natural and organic diet imaginable you will not be receiving some essential trace minerals you need for optimum body function. For example trace minerals Zinc and Magnesium are nigh on impossible to get from food alone these days, and the compounds you need to create your own are no longer in the food you are eating. Vitamin D3 doesn't come from food, and in the Uk we don't get enough exposure to sunlight to get our daily required intake. The NHS will have you believe that you can get enough D3 from the British sunlight, and that you can get further D3 from fortified cereals and breads, which by the way are also laden with sugar and other food preserving chemicals. YUM. To find out why the NHS knows very little about Vitamin D3 from a scientific standpoint read my in depth article here.

Ok, so let's say so far you don't believe a word I am saying, and you think you are getting all the nutrients you need from your food. Let's ask this question...


You know me well enough by now to expect a direct and bold answer...


Lets take a look at why. If you...

drink coffee, tea and alcohol
don't drink enough water
eat refined sugars and carbs
are stressed in anyway ever
breathe polluted air
drink tap water
are surrounded by wifi and other electromagnetic pollution
eat foods from packets that contain preservatives

...then you will most definitely not be digesting and absorbing efficiently.

In a nut shell we are malnourished and starving, oftentimes even if we are eating a healthy and well balanced diet. The state of our digestive intestinal absorption systems need to be addressed at all costs. 



For example - stress, sweating, coffee and dehydration deplete the body of magnesium in a big way. This is one trace mineral almost everybody is deficient in. Zinc is another one along the same lines. I could go into the technical geeky stuff, but you'll find this information pretty much anywhere you read... 

I hope you are starting to understand the importance of intelligent and mindful supplementation. 

Am I suggesting you all run to Holland and Barrat's and stock up on your multi-vitamins.


Let's consider this 'haven of health' the Primark of supplements. Cheap, synthetic material that passes straight through doing you little if any good at all. What I am suggesting is that you seriously consider finding out your nutritional balance and addressing it with high quality, well crafted, synergistic compounds. 

For example, supplementing with a fantastic quality Magnesium and Zinc can eradicate:

mood swings
brain fog

One doctor in a psychiatric unit lead a study whereby he improved patients mental health conditions by 80% using Zinc... and only Zinc.

A meta-analysis published in December 2013 in Biological Psychiatry analyzed 17 studies and found that depressed people tended to have about 14 percent less zinc in their blood than most people do on average, and the deficiency was greater among those with more severe depression. In the brain, zinc is concentrated in glutamatergic neurons, which increase brain activity and play a role in neuroplasticity, explains one of the paper’s co-authors, Krista L. Lanctôt, a professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at the University of Toronto. “Those neurons feed into the mood and cognition circuitry,” she says.
— Scientific American

I could write for days and days, going through the ins and outs, but the bottom line is...



Please find a reputable supplement company who use pure, organic, high grade, food state, bio-available supplements and seriously consider finding out what you are deficient in. My favourite companies and the ones I use for own extensive collection are:

EPIGENTICS : vitamins & minerals
METABOLICS : vitamins & minerals
NATURE'S SUNSHINE: medicinal herbs

PLEASE don't go out and willy nilly buy a random load of supplements as this can alter the chemistry in your body and do you more bad than good! Find a reputable holistic practitioner and work with them closely. And ALWAYS check with your doctor if you are taking any medication. You are always welcome to email me to ask my advice, and if I don't know the answer will pass you on to someone who does. And you can also book to come and see me for a nutritional screening.

I address nutritional deficiencies with my patients everyday at The Balanced Performer clinic, and with the amazing language of muscle testing we can find out what you are lacking, exactly what you need to address it, how much you need to take and what time of the day you need to take it for optimum absorption... all by communicating with the body and it's innate intelligence by ASKING WHAT IT NEEDS! 

You do not need to live with discomfort, depression, fatigue, illness or any other debilitating or strenuous physical or emotional l ailment that holds you back in your life... 


Lots of Love 

Gary x