Be Kind To Yourself

You're With You 100% Of The Time So Love It

Living a mindful and healthy existence is a life long journey. It is a labyrinth of discovery; thrilling when you enter, a world of excitement and new possibilities. Which direction will you choose to go? Left, right, straight ahead or back the way you came? You'll might a wrong turn and end up lost, confused, dazed and at times hopeless. Then you'll come across something new and wonderful on your journey filling you with hope and inspiration. Maybe you'll stop for a while, camp out, enjoying where you are right now with no need to continue moving forward. Then you'll jump up and begin the voyage of discovery again with new enthusiasm and vigour... 

This is what it feels like... honestly! And I know you are reading this resonating right now. It is true for EVERYONE!


With so many factors to battle with in day to day life it's no wonder we get run down. Even as a holistic health practitioner helping other people through their physical and emotional wellbeing issues, I face my own battles and challenges, and I am not afraid to admit it. As I type this blog I am experiencing hip pain that's been on and off for 2 months now. "REALLY?!" I hear you cry, "but your a natural medicine practitioner!" Yes, and I am a human being. I've made myself slightly too busy with work, I need to sort my posture out when I sit, walk and treat patients, and I need to give my diet a little Spring (or should I say Autumn) clean up. There we go, it's out in the open! I need help too!

What I've found is that trying too hard to be healthy causes even more stress and anxiety. We set ourselves up for failure by setting unrealistic goals. We are hard wired to slap ourselves on the wrist every time we make a mistake or step a foot wrong. We are conditioned as early as we can remember to get it all right or wrong. When we start school we get big red crosses on our work. We pass or fail tests. We are good at sport or bad at it. We get picked last for the team. We make our parents proud or we disappoint them. And we carry this anxiety and self judgement into our adult lives. If there is one thing we want to avoid in our journey of healing it's judgement, shame, guilt and blame, four of the most damaging, useless emotions a human can experience. 

Nurture yourself

By bringing in small, daily practices one step at a time over the weeks and months, things start to stick and become more of a life habit rather than something we 'have to do'. Please understand that things have their own ebb and flow too. For example, for six weeks I had a smoothie every morning. But that's had it's life span for the moment and now I am enjoying eggs and vegetables. I was enjoying snacking on lot on nuts and dried fruits during the day. Now I am not. I am bored of them. My point is if you bring a healthy habit into your life the illusion we create is that it has to stick forever and the day you wake up and don't do that thing, you failed. Rubbish! I prefer inviting in lots of small easy to implement habits that come and go as they see fit, and aim to always have enough healthy habits on the go at any one time to keep myself relatively balanced. And guess what... it doesn't always work that way. Those times when it all 'goes to pot' I try to be as gentle, nurturing, loving and forgiving to myself as I can. In this modern age we need more self love, not less. When we feel like we got it wrong we need more self love, not less. When we act up, lose control, treat ourselves and others badly we need more self love, not less. It is the pain we carry that acts out in these ways and the pain we carry needs more self love, not less.

Love yourself

On your journey to becoming healthier and happier, please approach each step with a tender lovingness for yourself. It is an exploration of play and discovery. When you explore and play is there anything to get right or wrong? No. There is only moving forward in wonder and interest. Interest in what makes you feel good and what doesn't. With this new found approach to making choices, each choice becomes and exploration of how it makes you feel. You either make that choice again, or not. It's that simple. As you develop more self love, not less, the choices you make will naturally start to lift your life, and those that don't you will embrace with understanding and forgiveness with the goal of releasing it in your own time.

More Love, Not Less
Gary x