Your Secret Weapon

I am passionate about bringing Systematic Kinesiology to the performing arts industry. It could be the secret weapon that sets you apart from the competition. By having regular Kinesiology sessions you can:

Have a stronger body
Strain and pull muscles less often
Heal faster
avoid infections and illnesses
Build your confidence and self esteem
Release past traumas that are holding you back
Improve your memory and brain functioN
And so much more...

 Me and one of my dancer clients, Zoe

Me and one of my dancer clients, Zoe

As an actor and singer myself, I am fully aware of the stresses and strains of a life on stage and screen. I enjoyed a ten year career in theatre and on TV, and much of the time I was not coping very well. My health suffered due to poor diet and nutrition. I suffered with anxiety around money, living circumstances and my life's direction. I suffered regularly with crisis of confidence and self belief. I had panic attacks. Don't get me wrong. I LOVED with all my heart being on stage and entertaining, and I believe it is one of my reasons for being here, and I feel so fortunate that I found it. But I could have been so much better. And I could have enjoyed it so much more. I am sure most of you reading this can resonate. 

I worked with a dancer, Louise, who suffered weekly chronic migraines for 30 years, and a neck so stiff she could barely move it left to right. After just one Kinesiology session we discovered that she was lacking in Calcium-Magnesium and various other trace minerals and compounds - so simple, but something she never could have known without actually asking her body what she needed. With some simple muscular and skeletal manipulations, lymphatic massage and emotional stress release she got up from the bed and turned her head completely left to right... she was completely astounded that this could be changed in just 90 minutes - she had tears in her eyes. Six months later and she hasn't had a single migraine. This is so profoundly impactful for a dancer who could no longer dance, audition or teach. I'm glad to say she is back in the biz and doing better tha never! 

When I started teaching voice in some of London's top drama schools I started to notice that this was not just a problem in working professionals... it started in training. I started to see that students were not being equipped with the emotional and physical tools required to sustain themselves in the industry. Students were getting infections and colds 3 or 4 times a term. Anxiety was rife. Confidence was low. Students were battling with things that they didn't to be battling with. Yes these drama schools were churning out astonishing singers, actors and dancers....


Did they know how to eat optimally for an 8 show week?
Did they know how to connect with and process emotional traumas?
Were they aware of what herbs to take to prevent sickness or heal in triple the time?
Did they learn that stretching before a show might actually be weakening their muscles and causing more injury than necessary?
Did they know that taking a blend of Vitamin D3, Calcium and Magnesium would relieve muscle tension, cramps and muscle pain?
Did they learn that acid reflux was a symptom of NOT ENOUGH ACID, rather than too much acid, and how to cure it quickly and naturally?

The answer to the above questions is a resounding...

- NO -

By working with a Kinesiologist you will learn the answers to all the above questions and more. You will heal your body from the inside out. You will realise, process and release emotional stressors holding you back. You will build your confidence and self awareness. You will harness your health and mental focus to become a better performer and a happier person. Meeting my Kinesiologist changed my life, and this is why I trained... to help performers who are suffering like I was, and to show them that it isn't necessary.

Working with a Kinesiologist could be like James Bond 007 having his very own M - someone full of the secrets to becoming the best performer you can. Inside knowledge that very few others know.

Here's an example of some simple knowledge about Vitamin D3 that is changing the dance industry.

Treatment of professional dancers of all kinds costs on average £900,000 a year and £1m in lost time, making it a significant issue for the subsidised dance sector.

The research, published in the Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, involved 24 dancers at the Birmingham Royal Ballet who dance between six and eight hours a day and a total of 38 hours a week, meaning they get little exposure to sunlight, the main natural source of vitamin D.

Before any were given supplements, all were found to be vitamin D deficient or insufficient (not as severe but still low) during winter and only 15% achieved normal levels during the summer. Subsequently, 17 of the dancers were given oral vitamin D3 and seven were not. Significant increases in muscle strength and vertical jump performance were found among the group taking vitamin D. They also suffered fewer injuries, with 12 reporting no injuries and five reporting a single injury.

Helen Laws, NIDMS manager at Dance UK, said dancers “need to be able to execute highly technical movements during high-intensity periods of training and when performing. This study provides important advice on performance enhancement as well as offering vital insights into the overall health and wellbeing of dancers.”
— The Guardian News Paper

If you are in London, please feel free to get in touch with me and have chat about working together. If you are out of London, please ask and I will point you in the right direction.