The Structure of Health & Well Being

Staying healthy and full of energy in our modern world is probably one of the biggest challenges we face. We are bombarded with stimulation of every kind; advertising, social media, refined sugar and processed food available everywhere you turn, pollution, contaminated tap water, stress and anxiety… the list goes on and on.

The impact on the physical body is huge. Our systems are not able to adapt and evolve at the rate of the technological world. Just think of the advancements made just in the last 100 years. We couldn’t possibly catch up to start coping with the amount of stressors placed upon us. 


Well, at the risk of sounding too “the world is a horrible place and we are all dying a slow death” I am here to tell you how to stay healthy & balanced.

Most of us follow these kinds of patterns:

“I feel overweight, tired and down”
“I’ll start exercising and running everyday and cut out the burgers”

“I’m bloated, constipated and generally sluggish”
“I’ll eat better food, more fibre, drink more water and cut out coffee for a while”

“I’m depressed and anxious”
“I’ll start meditating and going to yoga, or maybe see a therapist” 

“My back is so stiff and I can’t turn my head properly”
“I’ll go for a massage or pop to the osteopath”

All these are fantastic steps to take given the circumstances. But is it enough? And are they getting to the root cause and fixing it? Allow me to introduce you to the:

Any health issue you experience will be the result of one or more of the following systems being out of balance:





If one system is compromised there will be a domino effect on the others. Health conditions, illnesses, diseases and emotional issues can begin their journey with any one of these systems. The flow of compromise can flow in any direction to any system it likes.

For example, it is proven that stress and anxiety (emotions) directly affect the digestive system, blood pressure and heart function (structural and nutritional). There are some very telling studies done on the correlation between gut health, diet and depression. Insomnia is often related to emotional trauma, stress or nutritional/chemical imbalances - a lack of sleep will then directly effect the emotional state, the immune system and through the lack of rest the muscles will become stiff (structural). Hay Fever & Asthma can often be linked back to starting around the time of an emotional trauma. Feelings of agitation, irritability or impatience is often refereed to as ‘liverish’. Guess why!

Can you start to see how only addressing one specific problem with one specific action might be having a just small impact on the healing you’re really seeking. Rather than just focussing on the digestive area of food and nutrition for stomach problems, it is imperative to look at what emotions may be causing the issue. We can then release the traumas surrounding the problem aiding the dietary and nutritional work you will be doing. (Systematic Kinesiology offers a powerful targeted Emotional Stress Release Program). 

The human body utilises electricity to control it's muscles. We are made up of intricate and complicated energetic and electrical systems which are often referred to as meridians, acupressure and neurovascular points. Western medicine now fully accepts and works along side Acupuncture to aid in healing, recovery and prevention. Our emotional state and physical health can have a damaging impact of the flow of electrical energy around the body. In times of stress and anxiety your meridians may start flowing backwards or slow down. This will have a domino effect on organ function in turn compromising your structural alignment. For example when one is depressed and tired, it is likely that the head will hang forward in despondancy or the shoulders will hunch in a state of protection - a good example of how the emotions will have an impact on your structure. Continuous head hanging and hunched shoulders will play havoc with the spinal alignment and neck muscles. As your body sends nutrients to deal with tight muscles and misalignment you may become depleted certain vitamins and minerals. This cycle of cause and effect can go on and on and on until eventually we are seriously sick and no longer able to be in the bodies natural state of self healing.

I hope it is becoming clear how The Structure of Health and Well Being can help you start to join the dots between your own health and emotions. Try to trace back when a physical symptom started. Was it around the time of a particular stress or trauma? Maybe you can start to notice the physical manifestation of your emotions in your own body… do you fidget, tighten your abdominal muscle, hang you head or hunch your shoulders? And what impact is it having on the structural alignment of your body? Does it make you stiff or ache? Are you craving certain foods and nutrients? Do you notice a correlation between a physical symptom and high stress levels? 

If you can start to tune in to your body and ask it what it needs, it will give you the answers. The body is one huge, magical healing organ and given the respect and tools it needs it will serve you well for your whole life. The four elements contained in The Structure of Health and Well Being need to be nurtured and cared for in a careful jugging act, requiring equal and adequate attention at all times.

Systematic Kinesiology offers a fool proof system that can communicate with and balance all four essential areas of health. Kinesiologists use muscles testing, a special language that ‘talks’ to the bio-feedback from the brain and body to discover exactly where imbalances are, the root cause and the action required to fix and heal. 

It is possible to live a happy, healthy life full of vitality and vibrancy. But we need help to do so. I am here to offer you that help, so please, if anything in this article resonates with you and you need help with a health or emotional issues please contact me and I will advise you how to move forward. 

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Lots of Love 

Gary x