Building Confidence in Performers

The Performing Arts is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding industries to work in. Drama School often requires you to work a 5 or 6 day week from 8am - 9pm at it's most intense. During training, performers face intense scrutiny on all levels and will experience some extremely difficult emotional turmoils; "is this the right path for me?" "am I good enough?" "have I got what it takes?"

As they spread their wings and fly into the business what lays ahead is the possibility of months out of work, financial insecurity as they discover how to make a living in a side job they have no passion for, endless auditions and recalls and the nerves, anxiety and judgement that all come as part of the package. When a job is finally landed, low or now pay ensues, long rehearsal days, and then the intense schedule of 8 shows a week.

"Why do you do it?!" I hear you cry?

Because for a performer there is no greater feeling than the humming anticipation before curtain up, the roar of an audience as you take your bow or the excitement of creating and developing a new character and telling their story to a thousand people every night. But is it worth the blood, the sweat and the tears? The short answer is:


The long answer is:

"yes, if it is possible to face up to and release all my insecurities and neurosis surrounding my confidence and sense of self worth, manage to deal with constant rejection and judgement and not take personally and retain a strong sense of identity and confidence when I am not working...". 

We know all to well the type of tragedy that can ensue when these issues are not dealt with. No wonder so many artistes turn to drugs and alcohol and in the worst possible circumstances, suicide. Holding oneself stable in an unforgiving and ruthless but ultimately exciting and attractive industry is tremendously difficult, and we need help.

This is where Systematic Kinesiology steps in, holds it's hand high in the air and boldly says:

"I'm here dear!"

This powerful practice uses an intricate form of emotional stress and brain reprogramming techniques that have been helping performers for decades realise, face up to and release their emotional and psychological blocks. It can help:

self confidence
stage fright

That's just for starters. It can also help memory, left and right brain co-ordination, dyslexia, dyspraxia and a whole other host or learning, mental and physical difficulties.

But How?! 

Even from in the womb we are already being conditioned by what we hear and feel vibrationally. Incredibly, you are born already knowing a 100 word strong vocabulary based on what your parents do and say. It really makes you start to wonder doesn't it?! We are the sum of what we hear, see, feel and experience - so it's no wonder we are full of troubled feelings, confused emotions, insecurities and neurosis. It is part of being human... and there's no escaping it.

But what if you could communicate with your subconscious and start to unravel the mysteries that surround why you are the way you are?

Why do I feel fear every time someone raises their voice?
Why do I always need my partner to validate me by saying they love me?
Why do I get so nervous before speaking to new people?
Why do I need to drink so much alcohol before a night out?
Why do I get so angry when someone tells me what to do?

Systematic Kinesiology uses muscle testing, an intricate form of language, to communicate with the body and brain to discover where physical and emotional imbalances lay. It then aims to fix those imbalances, in this case using a specialised Emotional Stress Release Program aimed at:

(1) realising what triggers are causing you emotional problems in your life
(2) realising & releasing the relationship and identity with these triggers
(3) re-programming your subconscious as it feeds into the conscious mind
(4) re-programming your thoughts to take positive action and move forward in life

Often these techniques have instant and miraculous effects. Sometimes more time is required to realise, work through and release.

You might be surprised to hear that nutrition and diet can play a huge part in how you are feeling emotionally - for example when you are particularly stressed or working a gruelling schedule you will almost certainly be lacking in certain B-Vitamins. This can dramatically affect your digestion causing discomfort and general feelings of lowness and fatigue. Magnesium has a powerful effect on the nervous system. It is a powerful muscle relaxant to the body and greatly aids in sleep, which we all know can mean the difference between happiness and not!

I recently treated a dancer client, Louise, who has suffered from debilitating migraines for 20 years (since the age of 9!) It has stopped her auditioning, working, knocked her confidence to try new things. She came to me as a last resort having tried everything else. I got her on the table and started the process of detective work to find out which tools (nutrients) her body was lacking and which systems (meridians lines, accupressure points, neurolymphatic and neurovascular) were compromised. We quickly discovered through communicating with Louises' body that she was lacking in Calcium-Magnesium (a very popular nutrient used to treat migraines we later found out). I fixed the imbalances and sent her on her way with a little bag of supplements to start taking. At her second appointment 6 weeks later she says "the longest I have managed to go without a migraine or severe headache is a few days to a week. Since my session 6 weeks ago, I haven’t had a single one - I honestly can’t believe it!" 

Kinesiology is WHOLE-ISTIC (now generally known as Holistic, but I prefer the original) meaning we treat the whole person: nutritionally, emotionally, structurally and energetically. If we balance and treat these four areas in conjunction with each other we can truly live a life that is healthier, happier, more vibrant and positive.

If reading this article resonates with you and you want to start working on you emotional or physical health issues please contact me to discuss the best way forward.

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Lots of Love Gary x