Why The Balanced Performer

Greetings Dear Reader,

A warm welcome to The Balanced Performer. I hope you like the website. This is the area where you start to learn stuff.

But first, I want to explain why I set up this new sister company to The Voice Studio.

I've been teaching singing technique and acting through song almost full time for 5 years, and 3 years part time before that. I trained as a classical musician at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and in singing and musical theatre at the Royal Academy of Music. I've coached in most of the London drama schools, and have run my own courses in singing, acting through song, a choir and my own private coaching practice. I've enjoyed a full and varied career as a performer in musicals, plays, film and TV, cast albums and workshops. In my career so far I have experienced working with too many young performers who are suffering with health problems, stress, anxiety and self confidence issues which prevent them from embodying their fullest potential on and off stage. In my youth I suffered in the same way. It took me years of my own research, reaching out, asking questions, meeting and being treated by various health care practitioners and eventually training in a natural holistic health care practice called Systematic Kinesiology to fully understand the full reality of healing myself and maintaining my well being and happiness.

I don't want you to have to spend the same amount of time to reach your full potential. I want you to start NOW. 

I don't believe it is necessary to struggle and suffer the way I did in my teens and early twenties. You can start to feel vibrant, full of energy, healthy and bright right now and I want to help you.

Here are some figures for you, obtained through my own research and questioning:

  • Just over half of the 18-24 year olds I teach week on week suffer with some form of IBS or digestive related symptoms. This is hugely linked to stress and poor nutrition.
  • Around a third of the young people I work with report some form of anxiety, stress or depression in their day to day lives.
  • A staggering number of students I teach do not understand or care about he importance of good nutrition and eat far too much refined and processed sugar and use energy drinks and other processed foods to 'keep them going'. 

I'm not going to beat around the bush. This state of affairs is serious, and should be treated as an emergency which needs to be tended to imminently.

Why is it like this? 

We have lost the tradition of passing on home cooking skills, information and education and other such nourishing traditions. Food education in schools is still not considered important, and young people just do not know. It is not their fault, and they are suffering the consequences of huge food and drink corporations who lie and cheat with just one concern: making money. 

The wonderful thing is that all of this is easily preventable, and you can turn things around pretty quickly. In it's natural state the body is a self healing instrument - it is designed that way. You just need to give it the tools it needs. The trick is to work out what tools YOU need. We are all bio-chemically unique, and what's good for you may not be useful for another. This is where Systematic Kinesiology comes into it's own. By communicating with the energetic bio-feedback systems in the brain and body we can find where health issues stem from, where energetic imbalances are and what particular stresses are impacting you and your system negatively. Through various means including specialised lymphatic massage, nutrition, energetic balancing and emotional release work we can correct those imbalances and gradually get you back top your optimum health. 

My experience with Systematic Kinesiology both personally and professionally is second to none. I believe that this mode of health care is the way forward into a future free from suffering, disease and unhappiness, and it is available to everyone who is open to its possibilities. My own health has been turned around 180 degrees, and I’ve seen client after client dramatically reduce or eradicate health issues holding them back in their lives and careers.

Here’s to a new generation of BALANCED PERFORMERS.
— Love Gary

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