Us vs Them?

All too often I witness (and get involved with, it has to be said) online debates of an ‘Us VS Them’ nature. I am talking about the classic ‘conventional medicine VS holistic medicine’ debate so often witnessed on energy medicine pages, health groups or even on personal Facebook pages. Just recently I was part of an endless debate on the subject of vaccines, a topic that greatly divides. The debate consisted of evenly balanced for and against camps. I’ve noticed that these conversations always follow a similar route. It starts off with each party stating what they think based on their belief systems often backed up with ‘a friend of mine’ or someone I know. Then comes the onslaught of opposing retorts, this time backed up with numerous links to website pages backing their beliefs - a quick search on Google, and you can pretty much instantly find some form of ‘research’ that totally backs up your view point, which ever side you’re on. The debate continues, each party getting angrier and angrier, more vehement that ‘my way is right, and I must prove it and change your mind’. And undoubtedly, by the tail end of the conversation all parties have resorted to some kind of slanging match that has nothing to do with the original topic and everyone is behaving like children in a school playground except they use longer words. We are all as bad as each other. Us 'peaceful' holistic practitioners can be as arrogant and single minded as anyone else! 

Where is this getting us? I am tired of witnessing and participating in these kinds of conversations. We get nowhere. We do not change minds. We do not inspire. Instead, we create more hostility, misunderstanding and negativity. 

If we can all work together, respectfully keeping an open mind towards each other's craft and fields of expertise, with the ultimate aim of creating happier, healthier people, we’d all get a lot further in each of our pursuits. Could it be possible for a conventional doctor to open their mind and field of understanding just a little and give us a chance to show what we are capable of? What if holistic practitioners spent their time talking to doctors about the common ground they share and areas of agreement - mostly wanting to help people get better - instead of medicine bashing?

The classic argument “but where are you peer reviewed, scientific studies on this subject” no longer holds much ground. With so much fraud and misuse of the scientific study, how is it possible to know which to trust? 

The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue. Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness
— Dr Richard Horton, editor in chief of The Lancet, one of the most respected, peer reviewed medical journals in the world

You can read Dr Hortons full article on the subject HERE

Some holistic practices are so energetically advanced and intricate that scientific methods do not currently possess the means to run the studies we all so desperately want to see. This was the case for most scientific discoveries over the past centuries until we did develop the means. It is the very notion that something needs explaining that inspires the study of and research into it. Before it is proven it is not understood. Until it is scientifically understood should we dismiss it? Science doesn't dismiss that which it does not understand. Science studies it. The trouble with the hardcore scientific mind is that most will not accept anything that is currently not yet proven by a scientific study or a set of statistics. Sadly this prevents that person from discovering the great many wonders and mysteries our vast and miraculous universe and body systems have to offer. The trouble with holistic practitioners is that we often rush and grasp at straws and dodgy sounding science in an attempt to defend our beliefs because of the current lack of scientific proof available. We'll do anything we can to prove that what we have experienced ourselves and that which we help our clients with is real, and amazing, and powerful. Having said that, there is a wealth of study and research on Systematic Kinesiology (the mode of choice at my clinic) and the efficacy of this powerful practice. CLICK HERE TO READ IT

Just because you do not have evidence that something exists, it does not mean you have evidence that is doesn’t.
— Donald Rumsfeld

Acupuncture is now fully accepted by conventional medicine. The meridian energy pathways have been 100% scientifically and medically proven to exist and yet the Chinese developed and used them 5000 years ago. A group of Korean researchers discovered threadlike, microscopic anatomical structures that correspond almost identically with the layout of traditional acupuncture meridians diagrams. Acupuncture channels are no longer imaginary lines, but specific anatomical structures that, until now, have not been recognised by current theories of anatomy. These channels have been found inside of blood and lymphatic vessels and they also form networks that overlay internal organs. This was actually discovered by Dr Kim Bonghan way back in the 1960s. To read the full research paper, and to see more photo images of the acupuncture meridian/Bonghan channels please CLICK HERE NOW.

            A meridian/Bonghan channel

           A meridian/Bonghan channel

There are things we do not know we do not know.
— Donald Rumsfeld

Another problem is that anecdotal evidence is often instantly dismissed as unworthy of proof. The fact that real people, with their very real experiences of healing and recovery can be so patronisingly palmed off as insignificant until a research paper proves it is beyond me. I certainly would not have wasted years of my life and thousands of pounds dedicated to training and research in my field, nor would I have spent - and continue to spend - hundreds upon hundred of hours painstakingly studying and committing to memory the entire anatomy of the brain, nervous system, muscular and skeletal system, the endless catalogue of herbs and nutrition, conditions and symptoms, for nothing.

I understand that a lot of holistic medicine and it's theories can be interpreted as remarkable, out there or unbelievable. Even I, during my training, skeptically questioned everything I was told and witnessed (I was a nightmare I am sure!) - "yes but..." "no but..." "sorry but..." "but how..." "but..." "but..." "but..." 

In the 1920's the notion that things called radio waves could move through the atmosphere and enter your home onto a thing called a television screen was considered preposterous. By 1947 the amount of homes that possessed a TV could be counted in their thousands. By the late 80s 98% of U.S homes had a TV and those sets were on for an average of 7 hours a day. Similar can be said for the first automobile, the first mobile phone… … … and on and on.

In the semi-darkness we sat in tense silence waiting to see the premiere demonstration of television...Television! What would it be like? I remembered how miraculous the first radios seemed let alone images on a screen!
— First time television witness

New science now proves that it is no longer the genes that control biology. This notion was never scientifically proven, and yet it is the basis for all biology text books and literature on the subject. It was an idea that seemed to make so much sense at the time and so the scientists of the time just accepted it and spread the word. Studies now show that if you remove the gene from the cell, it continues to live, breathe, digest, respire and multiply. It is now known that the skin, or membrane, of the cell is the control centre, and it is external stimuli, not internal stimuli, which controls the biology of what occurs in the cell, and in turn our bodies. For an eye opening and fascinating lecture on this very subject please CLICK HERE NOW.

It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows
— Epictetus

If we keep our minds locked down only in what is currently proven to be true then we will never discover the new and endless wonders and miracles of life that are open to us every minute of every day. If we only look for evidence that supports our current system of belief, and do not challenge ourselves with new ways of thinking, we will remain stuck and potentially miss out on much wonderment. Science exists to discover the undiscoverable, to make sense of those things that baffle us. What we know now, scientifically, about the universe, the body and how it all works would have been considered outrageous had it been suggested a hundred years ago. If we can all find even just a tiny part of our mind that remains open to the notion that anything is possible, then the possibilities are more likely to find us, and show us that we are each capable of profound and incredible feats beyond our wildest imaginations.

And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.
— Roald Dahl