Why I Love Kinesiology

ME! Hello! 

ME! Hello! 

Working with a Kinesiologist changed my life and turned my health around. Training to become a Kinesiologist has impacted my life in so many profound ways. I'd like to share a simple list of the reasons I love it so much...

1. It Really Works!

Systematic Kinesiology is effective like no other practice I've come across. I have great respect, admiration and love for most holistic health practices and I use them regularly myself. But SK is the most comprehensive and all round system I have ever come across. Because it addresses the four areas that make a person - emotional health, nutritional health, structural health, energetic health - there is little SK can miss if used well.

2. It Has Great Respect For The Body & Brain

When treating the body and mind it is essential to have the deepest respect for it. The human body is, after all, the greatest and most complex of all miracles. A Kinesiologist will never assume or guess what it is that you need by looking at textbook, a list or assuming your symptoms are this, that or the other.


As Kinesiologists we are taught that 'anything can treat anything', meaning that by communicating with body about what it needs we are often surprised by the answer. It may not at all be what we would have guessed or assumed. For example, one person's migraine may simply and quickly be remedied by a course of Calcium-Magnesium, the answer to which we find out through the language of muscle testing against the brain meridian and muscle group. Another person's migraine my be rooted in a structural issue, and no amount of nutrients will take effect unless the underlying structural root cause is addressed. We can discover all these answers, almost like a health detective, by communicating with the bio-feedback and electrical systems of the body.

3. Emotional Health Is Central

The key to physical health is emotional health. Almost every physical condition is rooted in, or in some way impacted by our emotional state. Systematic Kinesiology realises this and works with emotions equally alongside everything else. Even in the 90's Harvard University stated that 95% of illness is stress induced and only 5% is genetic! Please read in more detail my Blog on The Key To Physical Health is Emotional Health.

4. I Love Seeing People Get Better

Two weeks ago I saw a lady who has been suffering with debilitating IBS pretty much her whole life. At 32 years old, she had become desperate. Like most people she came to Kinesiology as a last resort having tried every other route you can imagine, some with great effect but non-lasting, and some with little or no effect at all. She had the perfect diet free from gluten, milk, sugar, coffee and alcohol, eats fresh organic produce and drinks plenty of water. She reported that she is generally stress free and yet still experiences debilitating bloating, constipation and diarrhea, acid reflux and general fatigue and discomfort. Again, like most people she arrived mildly suspicious of Kinesiology having heard or understanding nothing about it, but willing to 'give it a go'.

So, Kinesiology and I get to work and very quickly discover that her Ileocecal Valve is malfunctioning (the ICV is the door way between the small and large intestine - think of it as the door between the kitchen and the bathroom - it keeps the backwash and bacteria from the large intestine going back into the small intestine). It turned out my client was lacking in hydrochloric acid, was crying out for a very specific type of digestive enzyme and a certain strains of pro-biotic - and we quickly discovered through muscle testing which exact one would work best in her system, as there are THOUSANDS on the market!). Added to that we discovered her large intestine is inflamed (this was obvious because her bloating was below the belly button. Muscle testing told us needed a very specific concoction soothing herbs to reduce the inflammation and restore balance.

I received a text message a week later saying:

"Hey Gary, guess what?! My bathroom habits have totally evened out - no more diarrhea or constipation. And my bloating is starting to massively reduce already! I can't believe it! I'm starting to feel so good! Thank You!"

This feedback gives me such a sparkle of happiness I can't even describe. I've had debilitating IBS myself and I've worked through it with my Kinesiologist, so I know exactly how it feels to finally find the answers you are seeking and gain the relief that you crave. I often get comments along the lines of:

"you're amazing"
"thank you so much, you've healed me"
"you've changed my life"

As lovely as this can be for one's ego, my honest feeling and response is always:

"Thank you so much, but it isn't me, it's the Kinesiology. Anyone can learn to do what I do..." 

To those who are ready for it and open to the wonder of this amazing practice, Systematic Kinesiology can have dramatic results, and I feel so incredibly fortunate that it came into my life and that I can pass it on to those who want it. You can read more about how I cam to be a Kinesiologist HERE

If you feel Kinesiology could help you, or you just want to chat about what's going on with you please feel free to drop me a line using the button below.

Lots of Love, Health & Happiness to You All

Gary x