Practice Makes Imperfect

[From the desk of Gary Albert Hughes,
Transformational Performance Coach]

Hi from me!

Hi from me!

Dear Singers,

You've been lied to...

You've been conned...

You've been cheated...

It was innocent tho. They didn't mean to. It's just what they were told. It's what they were taught and believed. So, of course, they passed it on to you...

Practice does NOT make perfect...

In fact, practice doesn't really work at all! Not in the way you are wishing it would at least!

Let me ask you a few questions...

How much practice have you actually done in your lifetime?

And do you feel GOOD ENOUGH yet?



Do you walk on stage with total SELF-ASSURANCE?


Then the way you are currently practicing isn't working for you. Is it?!

Let's break it down. First of all...


Perfection is the thief of all joy.

Perfection is a fallacy.

Striving for perfection it is an endless road to despair. Because striving for something that doesn't exist can only end in unhappiness.

That is pretty self-explanatory isn't it? Simple!

But what about 'practice' itself?

Well, the way that drama schools and most singing teachers teach you how to practice could be causing more stress and anxiety than necessary, and COULD be the reason you just don't feel good enough.

One of my clients from the West End (a well known leading lady!) said to me recently: 

"I keep bashing away at these voice exercises day in, day out. And yet I never REALLY feel ready, I'm always questioning myself if I am doing it right, and I still can't really do the things with my voice that I want. The teacher I had is great, but I just don't feel it's enough..."

Sound familiar?

Well, she's right. It ISN'T enough. There is a HUGE piece missing. Want to know what it is?

When you practice those voice exercise and zoom around your voice in all manner of weird sounds you are not really accessing your creativity, feelings or emotions.

You approaching singing in a linear, logical and analytical way.

And the truth is, you are an EMOTIONAL being. You are made of FEELINGS. And at your core you are IMAGINATIVE and CREATIVE.

Have you ever tried to reason with a friend of family who is really angry using logic and reason? You don't usually get very far do you?



The truth is...



On my 8-week Mind-Body-Voice Transformational Program I teach my students a completely new, exciting and revolutionary way to develop the voice of their dreams without having to use old fashioned exercises and boring old conventional methods.

Now, don't misunderstand me, I'm not anti-technique or anti-dedication or hard work...

Safe, sustainable, good technique is VITAL to a long, healthy and successful career as a singer, or even just singing for fun as a hobby!

But, I've developed a creative, fun and holistic approach that doesn't JUST extend your range, build strength, stamina and flexibility and give you total mastery over your voice in a safe, sustainable way...

... but it also gives you a deeper access to creativity, authenticity, truth and emotion so that you can connect with your songs in more powerful way and actually do your job properly; to inspire, move and uplift your audiences through the power of your performance!

Imagine that...

Being remembered as the performer that changed someones life...

Inspiring those that watch you because you are SO connected to your purpose as a communicator through music...

Having complete confidence to step on stage anytime and own it, and feel great about yourself as you do...

THAT'S why you became a singer...

THAT'S why you want to be a performer...

THAT'S why you carry on and don't give up...

You know you have something special...

But you've practiced not feeling good enough for so long, that it's hard to get out of that pattern, right?

Well, my students from all over the world, are learning how to overcome that RIGHT NOW.

They are learning how to embody the fulness of their gift...

They are learning how to step into their light, power and brightness...

They are learning that they were born with a gift that MUST be shared, and NEVER used as another way to beat up on themselves...


Then I'd love to invite you to a FREE breakthrough call with me.

I'll jump on the phone with you for 45 minutes and talk to you about where you've been, where you are and where you want to be in your singing journey.

You'll get clarity on how to move forward to reach your goals and achieve your dreams AND after all that if I feel you're a good fit for my program then I'll tell you all about that too.

If not, that's ok I'll point you in the right direction - not everyone is ready for this! I'll be 100% honest with you if that's the case.

So if you're ready to start moving towards your dream of being a great singer, then book a free call with me now by using the calendar below. You'll be taken to an application form after that, which you must fill out completely. And I look forward to speaking to you really soon.

Lots of Love
Gary x

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Inflammation Reset Protocol

Inflammation Reset Protocol

If your iPhone crashed and stopped working properly, what would you do?

If your computer freezes and slows down, how do you resolve it?

If your car started making funny noises, how would you address that?

You probably wouldn’t think twice about restarting, resetting or servicing them. Well that’s exactly what you are going to do to your whole body! Technology and science have advanced exponentially over the last 100 years, but our genes and cells haven't changed all that much for thousands. Your body just can not keep up with the onslaught of environmental toxins and stress levels you have to endure in this modern age. Persistent attack over time can result in all kinds of physical health conditions, most of which are caused by inflammation. Let me re-iterate; most common health conditions are caused by inflammation. I am here to help you decrease inflammation in your body…

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Be Kind To Yourself

Be Kind To Yourself

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Time For Change

Time For Change

We are so excited to hear about the marvellous Annemarie Lewis Thomas, principle of The MTA drama college heading a charter for mental health entitled #Time4Change. She is taking big bold steps in the direction of opening up conversations, removing stigma, and offering a knowledge base around mental health in the performing arts. The charter launched in July 2016 and by September of the same year 100 organisations has joined. We are proud to be number 103! 

I spoke to Annemarie about #Time4Change and about her passion for it. This is what she had to say...

An Encouraging Story

An Encouraging Story

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Aches, Pains, Strains, Cramps... GET RID OF THEM!

I always write from the heart and always write boldly, and I am not going to stop now... 


I am talking back pain of any kind. Yes, even lower back pain which is so incredibly common. I am talking neck pain, shoulder tension, frozen shoulder, hip pain, knee discomfort...

Oh, just to re-iterate...

How To Be A Healthy Body Worker

How To Be A Healthy Body Worker

I can think of very few jobs that require more physical strength, mental focus and emotional resilience than being a dancer. In my clinic I specialise in helping performers deal with physical health issues and emotional stress. Over time one starts to notice patterns in behaviour, symptoms and action that resolves complications. Here I'd like to share my most effective advice to help you become more energised, healthier, happier and ultimately better dancers. 

The Key To Physical Health

The Key To Physical Health

I'll start as I mean to go on: strong and to the point


All to often the emotional state of a person is over looked in their diagnosis and recovery. It is in fact, most of the time, the place where the search for the root cause should begin. 

Let me explain... 

Holistic? Complementary? Alternative?

Holistic? Complementary? Alternative?

The term 'holistic' gets used a lot these days. There are hundreds of alternative, complementary and holistic approaches for your health issues now, but what do these words actually mean? One has to be careful that one term doesn't capture all. 

For example just because a modality is complimentary it doesn't mean it is holistic. And just because it is holistic, doesn't make it alternative.

The terms are pretty much what they say on the tin, But let's break them down...

Sunshine in a Pill

Sunshine in a Pill

As the nights draw in and we move into colder, darker seasons there is one thing we should all be taking into consideration - Vitamin D. Getting the optimum amount into your system could help alleviate depression, frequent infections, improve skin condition and bone health. In this article I will outline the how, what, when and why of it all...

The Structure of Health & Well Being

The Structure of Health & Well Being

Staying healthy and full of energy in our modern world is probably one of the biggest challenges we face. We are bombarded with stimulation of every kind; advertising, social media, refined sugar and processed food available everywhere you turn, pollution, contaminated tap water, work related stress and anxiety… the list goes on and on. Read on to discover how you can rise above it all and start living and healthier, happier life...

Building Confidence in Performers

Building Confidence in Performers

The Performing Arts is one of the most physically and emotionally gruelling industries to work in. If you or anyone you know suffers from anxiety, stress, depression, phobias, fears, panic attacks or any other emotionally stressful condition read on to find out how you can overcome it and live a happier more fulfilled life...