Become A Powerful Performer
For Singers, Actors & Dancers

SundAY 27tH January 11am - 6pm
Central London

Watch THE short video below by Gary Albert Hughes, therapist and emotional freedom coach To Performers all over the world.

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If you have any issues or doubts with your singing and you want to unleash the voice you know you have deep inside then Gary is your man.

During the program not only has my voice completely changed and feels freer than ever before, my attitude to life and my career has improved ten folds. He truly is amazing, and now I am sure I can take over the world! Thank you Gary!
— Molly - Singer, Actress, Dancer
I used to second guess myself all the time. Gary has a brilliant and totally original way of working which has given me the voice and confidence I’ve always wanted. This is a totally new way of working and takes you to a whole new level. I’d been trying to get into drama school for years with no luck but after working with Gary I got accepted instantly. I couldn’t believe the voice that I started singing in after working him. This is just amazing!
— Cyrus - Singer, Actor